Does Coinbase support smart contracts?

Smart contracts are an important part of some digital currency networks, such as Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, which allow the use of programmatic logic to automatically execute actions based on the transaction input sent to the contract. Smart contracts can be simple or complex, and can become the building blocks for many automated systems such as token sales, autonomous organizations, etc.

Can I send Ethereum (ETH) or Ethereum Classic (ETC) to a smart contract from my Coinbase account?

We recommend customers do not send funds to smart contracts from their Coinbase account since contracts often have special requirements. 

A smart contract may require additional transaction costs, be within a certain time frame, have additional data sent along with the transaction, or have other special requirements which are not possible to guarantee when sending a transaction from Coinbase. You should instead use a wallet software that gives you complete control when sending transactions to smart contracts.

When a transaction sent to a smart contract from your Coinbase account fails, we will endeavor to make sure the funds are credited back to your account promptly. The transaction fee paid to the network is not refundable as it is consumed when sending the transaction.

If you are missing funds from a failed transaction, please contact our support team. 

Can I receive Ethereum (ETH) or Ethereum Classic (ETC) from a smart contract to my Coinbase account?

Yes, ETH and ETC received from a smart contract to your Coinbase account will be credited normally.



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