How do I return a cryptocurrency transaction?

When a Coinbase customer sends cryptocurrency from their wallet, the address it comes from is one of Coinbase’s many hot wallet addresses—it’s not an address belonging to the Coinbase customer. Any crypto sent back to that address is sent to Coinbase, not the original wallet. This can result in loss of funds. 

Coinbase does not support cryptocurrency being returned directly to an address it was sent from on the Coinbase platform (in the cryptocurrency world, we call these input addresses).

There are several ways you can obtain an address which will accept returns for a particular transaction if you’d like to return funds back to a Coinbase customer:

  1. Return the crypto back to the sender’s registered Coinbase email address, and our system will match this to their account
  2. Ask the sender to sign in to Coinbase, navigate to a cryptocurrency wallet of their choice, and generate a new wallet address using the "My address" button near the upper right
  3. Ask the sender to provide you with an address from while signed in to their Coinbase account. Each address here is capable of receiving and matching a return

Once you have a cryptocurrency or email address provided by the original sender, go to the send page, include the address provided, enter the amount you want to send back, and select Send Funds.

If the customer you are trying to return funds to is not using Coinbase, you will need to reach out to them directly in order to obtain an address that can accept your funds.

More information on Coinbase transactions is included in the following article:
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