Convert cryptocurrency FAQ

How does Converting Cryptocurrency work?

Users can trade between two currencies directly. For example: exchanging Ethereum (ETH) with Bitcoin (BTC), or vice versa.

  • All trades are executed immediately and therefore cannot be canceled
  • Fiat currency (ex: USD) is not needed to trade

How do I convert cryptocurrency? 

  1. Sign in to your Coinbase account or into the Coinbase mobile app
  2. Find the asset page for the cryptocurrency you would like to convert from. For example,
  3. There will be a panel with the option to convert one cryptocurrency to another 
  4. Enter the fiat amount of cryptocurrency you would like to convert from in terms of your native fiat currency. For example, $10 worth of BTC to convert into XRP
  5. Select Preview Conversion to see the amount of XRP you would convert from BTC
    • If you do not have enough crypto to complete the transaction, you will be prompted to buy some
  6. Confirm the conversion transaction 

Please see the Locations and trading pairs help article for all crypto-to-crypto trading pairs. 

Please note, Coinbase charges a spread margin of up to two percent (2.00%) for Digital Currency Conversions. The actual spread margin charged varies due to market fluctuations in the price of Digital Currencies on Coinbase Pro between the time we quote a price and the time when the order executes. We do not charge a separate Coinbase Fee for Digital Currency Conversions. 

To see availability depending on country and cryptocurrency type, please see Supported cryptocurrencies.





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