CashAddr FAQ

What is CashAddr?

CashAddr is a new Bitcoin Cash address format that helps differentiate a Bitcoin Cash address from a Bitcoin address. This prevents accidental mistakes when sending funds from one platform to another as a result of using the wrong address.

If you have any technical questions, check out the CashAddr spec.

Does Coinbase use CashAddr?

Yes, Coinbase implemented CashAddr in February 2018. If you are sending Bitcoin Cash to a platform that has not yet implemented it, please refer to the instructions below.

Why did Coinbase decide to use CashAddr?

CashAddr helps solves a problem many of our customers have been experiencing. By providing a unique address format that only works with Bitcoin Cash, it will help prevent accidental sends to the wrong blockchain.

Please note, all sends are irreversible. Coinbase is not liable for any funds sent to an incorrect address or wallet.

I’ve experienced an error when sending or receiving Bitcoin Cash to Coinbase. What does this mean?

While many exchanges and wallets utilize CashAddr, some have not yet adopted it. If you experience an error, there are two different options you can choose from to make sure you are able to send your Bitcoin Cash successfully. Both options will help you create a "legacy" address which enables you to send Bitcoin Cash to a wallet address that has not yet implemented CashAddr.

  • Sign in to your Coinbase Account > Settings > Wallet Addresses > Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from the dropdown box > locate your rejected send address > Click Details

    When you click "Details" you will see two addresses.

    The first address will be a CashAddr address, the second is the legacy address.


  • Enter your Bitcoin Cash wallet address information here, to convert your legacy address to CashAddr or convert your CashAddr address to a legacy address.

Please exercise caution if you decide to use any converter tools. Coinbase is not responsible for currency sent to an incorrect address.

How can I tell a CashAddr address apart from a legacy address?

Beginning of address for legacy begins with 1 or 3

Beginning of CashAddr address begins with q or p



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