International support

As Coinbase experiments with expanding into more markets, Coinbase will initially only offer self-help customer support in new markets. This means that customer support (email and phone) will not be available. Customers will have full access to our comprehensive library of customer-support articles, all with step-by-step directions and useful information. 

If you are based in one of these countries and need more help, we recommend you utilize our Help Center. Please note, all self-help articles are only available in English.

Top Articles:

Coinbase Learn Homepage
Identity Verification
2-Factor Authentication (2FA) FAQ
How do I change my country or state?
Avoiding Digital Currency Scams
Convert Cryptocurrency FAQ
How do I send digital currency to another wallet?
Coinbase Pricing & Fees Disclosures
Who do I contact for a subpoena request or dispute, or to send a legal document?

To see what cryptocurrencies and regions are supported by Coinbase, please visit our Supported Digital Currencies page.



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