Security keys FAQ

What is a Security Key?

A security key is a physical hardware authentication device designed to authenticate access through one-time-password generation. Coinbase supports Universal Second Factor (U2F) security keys.

Supported security keys are available from a variety of vendors. Coinbase recommends buying a key that works best for your device and preferences. 

Important Note: All hardware authentication devices are not Coinbase products. If you use any other supported security keys, you’ll be subject to applicable terms and conditions of use for these products, including a separate privacy policy, which may differ from Coinbase’s privacy policy. You should read and understand all applicable terms for these supported security keys before using them.

Links to third-party websites will open new browser windows. Except where noted, Coinbase accepts no responsibility for content on third-party websites. 

Why is a security key more secure?

Dedicated physical hardware authentication device offer more protection than other 2FA methods like SMS and soft token TOTP apps because the credentials don?t need to be stored on a networked device.



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