Why can't I reset my password?

Coinbase takes a number of steps to ensure the security of our customers’ accounts. These include enforcing strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and device verification.

When a customer attempts to reset their password, we take precautions to ensure that it is a legitimate request. This means that our customers may only reset their passwords from devices they have previously verified, or from locations they have previously logged in from.

This requirement provides a safeguard against a hacker who attempts to illegitimately reset your password. The hacker would need either physical access to your computer, or be in the same physical location as you, to validate a password reset.

If you are having trouble resetting your password, you will need to:

  1. Reset it from a device you have previously used to access Coinbase.
  2. Reset it from a location (IP address) you’ve previously used to access Coinbase.

If you no longer have access to a previously validated device or IP address, please contact us so we can have a member of our security team assist you with a password reset.




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