Why is my vault withdrawal pending?

In order to provide increased security, the Coinbase vault requires verification from the 2 email addresses that were associated with the vault when it was created, as well as a 48-hour waiting period after the withdrawal has been approved by both email addresses, before the transfer from the vault will take place.

Waiting to Clear

If your vault withdrawal is "Waiting to clear", then you have successfully completed all approvals for the withdrawal and just need to wait for the remainder of the 48-hour waiting period to complete before the withdrawal will process successfully.

Pending Approval

If your vault withdrawal is "Pending Approval", it means that one or both of the email addresses associated with the vault have not approved the withdrawal and the 48-hour waiting period will not start for the withdrawal until that has been done.

The first approval can be done directly from within your Coinbase account by going by going to the Portfolio page, clicking on the Vault, and then clicking on the transaction in question. You will then click "Approve Withdrawal". If this button is not there, you have already completed the approval for the primary email address.

The second approval will need to be given by accessing the secondary email address associated with the vault. If you’ve forgotten which email address this is, you can find a redacted version of it by going to the vault and clicking "Vault details" towards the top of the page, which should provide some clue as to which email address it is.

Confirmation Email

When you created the withdrawal, an email was sent to the secondary email address on the vault. This email will contain a link that says "Approve withdrawal", which you will need to click in order to give the second confirmation.

The email may take up to 10 minutes to arrive, depending on your email provider. If you have not received the email after 10 minutes, check your spam, junk, or trash folders to see if it was accidentally deleted or filtered as spam. You may need to whitelist the "@coinbase.com" domain name with your email provider as well to ensure emails are received properly.

If you still have not received the confirmation email, or received it but deleted it before clicking the link to approve the withdrawal, you will need to cancel the vault withdrawal and start it again. Doing this will invalidate any previous withdrawal approvals and links to approve via email, and will require you to follow the steps above again in order to approve the withdrawal from both email addresses associated with the vault.

If you have lost access to one or both emails associated with a vault that has funds in it, please contact us for further assistance.



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