How do I gain access to a deceased family members Coinbase account?

In the event that you inherit or otherwise become the owner of a deceased family member’s Coinbase account, rest assured that Coinbase has created a process to transfer the assets in the easiest manner possible. The best thing to do is contact us to make us aware of the situation. One of our analysts will work with you throughout the process. When you contact us, we will ask for the following documents:

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Last Will and Testament – AND/OR – Probate Documents (either Probate, Letters Testamentary, Letters of Administration, Affidavit for Collection or Small Estate Affidavit)
  3. Current, valid government-issued photo identification of the person(s) named in the Letters Issued
  4. A letter signed by the person(s) named in the Probate Documents instructing Coinbase on what to do with the balance of the Coinbase account

If any documents are missing, please let us know, so we can assist you. If you are unfamiliar with Coinbase or digital currency in general, we would like to assure you that our support staff is standing by. We will answer any questions you may have and walk you through the process.

Please keep in mind that the required documentation and processes may differ depending on your region, residence, and individual situation. If we need additional information, we will request it via email.

Can I name a beneficiary on my Coinbase account?

Typically, naming a beneficiary on your Coinbase account would be done with your estate planning attorney. Like most other assets, the ownership of your Coinbase account would be transferred according to your will or other arrangements made with your legal counsel. It’s not currently possible to name a beneficiary directly within your Coinbase account, rather, in the event of your death, we would follow our standard ownership transfer procedures described above.



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