Purchasing up to your buy limit

The buy limit listed on the verifications page is a total maximum for all available funding methods. You may have noticed that individual funding method limits are different from the buy level limitations listed on the verifications page. The buy limit available for each funding source is visible on the buy page when you select that funding source.

Coinbase may have separate limits for the different account funding sources listed below.

  • Bank transfers (ACH, SEPA, GBP, Bank wire)
  • Instant purchases via bank transfers, enabled by account history and a backup credit card (available to select users in the US only)
  • Currency Wallet stored value (USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, etc.)
  • Instant buys (credit card/debit card, where available)

You can add funding sources on the payment methods page. You can also fund your Coinbase account with a wire transfer (not available in all regions) for up to the buy limit listed on your verifications page, without linking a bank account to your Coinbase account.



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