Payment methods for Canadian customers

Canadian customers can use a debit card to purchase digital currency. Funds purchased via a debit card will be credited to your account instantly. We do not support bank accounts as payment methods for Canadian customers.

  Best For Buy Sell Deposit Withdraw Speed
Debit Instant crypto purchases Instant
Paypal Withdrawals Instant

To link a debit card:

  1. Go to Settings and select the Payment methods tab
  2. Select Link a New Account
  3. Select Debit Card
  4. Provide your card information (two small, temporary debits will be applied to your card)
  5. Go to your card’s online statement and find the two temporary debits 
  6. Enter those amounts on Coinbase to complete adding and verifying your card

You can now make a purchase by selecting your card on the payment methods menu on the Buy page. Please note that it is not possible to sell cryptocurrency and have the proceeds deposited to a card. 

Note: Coinbase no longer supports linking new credit cards and some card issuers are blocking cryptocurrency purchases with existing credit cards. If you have a credit card linked already, your bank may charge additional fees for Coinbase credit card purchases. We encourage affected customers to switch to a debit card.

We’re also unable to support prepaid cards or other cards without an associated billing address.

All credit card and debit card payments are processed through Coinbase UK, Ltd.



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